• 14U Thunder Tryouts

    14U Travel Tryouts 14U Thunder is currently looking for players for a second team.  Please contact John Dowd at 669-1930 or email at if interested.
  • Welcome

    About Saratoga Miss SoftballSaratoga Miss Softball League is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting all the positive aspects of amateur softball to the children of Saratoga Springs, NY. Emphasis wil... More
  • Pitching & Catching Instructional Program

    PITCHING AND CATCHING INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM This Pitching and Catching Instructional Program is designed to develop and enhance both pitchers’ and catchers’ skills during the offseason.  The Program will pr... More
  • Winter Workouts

    ONE-DAY WORKOUT WITH SKIDMORE COLLEGE’S SOFTBALL TEAM Come work out with Skidmore College’s softball team. The one-day workout will allow players to learn from Skidmore College’s Head Softball Coach, Shalett... More